Our Mission Statement

Our Mission

A company is only as good as the promises it keeps. Our promise is to build the best quality homes we can possibly build.

Quality and consumer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our success. We are dedicated to delivering quality satisfaction to all our customers.

Long-term profitability depends on consistent customer satisfaction. We believe the delivery of a quality product and superior service must be supported by the highest ethical standards in every business transaction.

Integrity is essential to satisfying our customers. We desire to be known as individuals of integrity, with an obligation to deliver an accurate honest response.

Growth and profitability must be viewed and managed from the long-term perspective. We will adhere to our long-range goals and ideals, never compromising them for short-term purposes.

Our company thrives on new ideas, new directions, new opportunities and challenges. We will embrace opportunity and innovation, with the continual objective stabilizing our firm and protecting it from the cynical nature of specific markets.

Our people are our most valuable asset

Directing the day to day operations of a company like IDK Homes' scope and magnitude requires a broad range of talent and knowledge, and the firm fosters an environment which gives employees considerable opportunity for growth and advancement.

IDK Homes' skilled management team reflects a harmonious blend of leaders with diverse educational backgrounds, including advanced degrees in business management, and construction management. Throughout the company, future leaders are identified early and trained in the intricacies of construction and profit and loss creating a culture of "entrepreneurs" who learn and live all angles of the business.

A variety of professionals are selected to be managers, including recent college graduates, IDK’s own home-grown construction veterans. Each is given extraordinary autonomy to foster the business goals of the manager and the company.

Effective, energetic entrepreneurs, these individuals combine technical skills acquired through years of hands-on experience with strong academic and professional qualifications.

Stability is our strength

Progressive management systems. Fiscally conservative business practices, and a diversified approach to corporate planning have established IDK as one of the most stable construction firms in the homebuilding industry.

To meet ever-changing demands of the industry, IDK has achieved consistent growth and steady earnings through the formulation of business strategies which anticipate and readily adapt to economic cycles and industry trends.

As a result, its long-term financial strength and stability have earned the confidence and trust of customers, business associates, lenders and venture partners.

Innovative architecture and design

Innovative and creative homes don't just happen. They are the culmination of years of experience, tireless dedication and an ability to listen to customer’s needs. A considerable part of IDK Homes' success is in its ability to understand the market and provide high quality housing built to both inspire and provide all the comforts of quality daily living.

Home for every budget

A core Philosophy at IDK Homes is to provide quality housing for all stages of life. Offering homes for single individuals, young couples, young families, growing families, luxury homes, No matter what stage of life IDK has a home for you.

From starter homes to estate homes, from first-time buyers to empty nesters.

Creating a neighborhood: Land acquisition and development

A big part of IDK Homes' success is the ability to not only build a quality home, but to develop a neighborhood environment in which to build. IDK Homes is known for its innovative layouts and speed of turning raw land into finished Homes.

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